Madame Marissa
Tiny intruder in the giantesses' office
Tiny intruder in the giantesses' office

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You sneaked into our office once again, tiny man - although you very well know about the dangers. You start off on my colleague Nora's office chair and try to get a good view of her great ass - but you didn't think it through, or did you? What if she sat down on your tiny body?! You'd be instantly crushed flat! But next, you want to get a close up view of our high heels and climb down the office chair to get closer to them ... although these heels could be just as dangerous for you ... and when we take off our high heels to relax our feet, you're finally in heaven, aren't you? Now you can crawl into our shoes, sniff the inside and also come very close to our bare feet under the desk. In the meantime we're chatting and working - completely unaware of your existence ... if one of us would step on you we'd probably only notice the red stain that's left of you in the carpet in a few days! And of course, you need to climb up my office chair and check out my butt as well you sneaky little perv! After you climbed down again and got a little too close to my feet, I pin your tiny body under my heels and Nora notices you ... I pick you up and we discuss what we'll do with you ... you must be into our feet to come that dangerously close to our heels ... so maybe we should turn you into our tiny foot slave? Or should we just crush you under our high heels? We'll see!