Madame Marissa

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Age: 29
Height: 182cm / 6ft.
Weight: 59kg / 130 lbs
Hair: long, brunette
Shoe size: 40/41 (EU) / 9 (US)

Dominant, playful and a little cheeky! I just love it when men – or things – lie at my feet and I can play with them. I like to use my feminine charms – either to turn men into submissive servants or to know how much it turns you on to watch my videos :-) When it comes to crushing the expensive stuff always gives me the biggest thrill – the more expensive something is, the more fun it’s to destroy!

Of course you can send me stuff to crush in my videos – or order a custom video just for yourself. Obviously you can also buy my old shoes and worn socks and – like any woman – I love to buy new shoes and clothes – so you could also send me Amazon coupons :-)

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