Madame Marissa
Tiny people infestation in the office
Tiny people infestation in the office

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Lady Nora and I are working in the office - completely unaware of the many tiny people that invaded our office - they're scattered everywhere! They're on the floor, on the desks, on the cupboards - and you're in between. These tiny people really don't seem to care for their life - it's so dangerous around giantesses like us since they're way too tiny to be seen by us and we can literally crush them flat without even noticing ... and that's just what happens all over again. On some, we step with our high heels and smash them into the ground, others get run over by the wheels of our office chairs and others get sat flat under our butts. And you ... despite seeing your tiny friends getting crushed, you don't seem to be too afraid ... always crawling around on the floor, getting up close to our feet ... are you so curious and so much into feet that you wouldn't care if we'd crush you too?! Let's see if you survive the day in our office!