Madame Marissa
Tiny foot perv in the giantesses' office
Tiny foot perv in the giantesses' office

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Nora and I are working in the office - and you, tiny guy, are crawling on the floor. You've been shrunken a few days ago, but nobody knows about it - and now you're stuck in an office full of giantesses. You're crawling around under our desks, very close to our dangerous high heels and our steaming nylon feet ... until I notice you on the floor and pick you up. Nora and I inspect you closely ... what did you do at my feet? Do you like feet?! Maybe we should play with you a little bit ... let's see if you like - or can handle - the strong smell of our nylon feet! Don't you understand how dangerous it can be for such a tiny guy like you? We could squish you under our shoe soles so easily ... and maybe we're going to do that!