Madame Marissa
Tiny guy in the giantess' office
Tiny guy in the giantess' office

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Well, tiny guy - look where I brought you. You'll spend this day in the office with me and you can look around for a while ... but watch out that I don't step on your and crush you by accident ... that wouldn't end well for you :-D I don't even know if my colleagues will come into the office today ... if they do, you should obviously watch their steps as well, so you don't end flattened under their shoe soles :-D I'll concentrate on my work for a while ... while you can walk around and check out the office, tiny guy - I'll play some more with you later! While I grabbed a coffee you even managed to climb up my office chair - and you're really lucky that I didn't squish you under my ass as I was sitting down :-D But you're also interested in my sexy high heels and nylon feet, aren't you? Maybe I can step on you to see if you can handle my weight? Or maybe I can use you as my living insole ... come on, lay down in my shoe, then I slide in my foot and you can rub my foot while I continue to work. Hopefully I don't forget about you completely and just crush or smother you when I stand up!