Madame Marissa
Suffer in giantesses' running shoes
Suffer in giantesses' running shoes

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Are you afraid, tiny foot slave? At the mercy of 2 giantesses? Nora and I always enjoy going jogging together - and you'll get to know both of our shoes and feet today! Come on, take a close up look at our running shoes - Nora is wearing a pair of normal Puma running shoes while I'm wearing my inov8 trail running shoes with brutal studs - but I guess it wouldn't make a difference if either of us would step on your tiny body ... you'd be crushed into a pulp either way! Then we'll take off our shoes for you - and you'll get to smell them! We've been wearing them without socks for the last few runs to get them even smellier for you. You're so tiny, we can get your whole body into a shoe and there's no way for you to escape the strong smell. But that was only for starters ... next, we'll try to put on our shoes with you inside! Maybe that would be an option to take you along for a run? Would you like that, little slave? Being inside Nora's shoe or my shoe while we go for a run? Or do you think you'll be squished completely? And finally, you'll get to smell our bare feet as well - then we'll decide your fate!