Madame Marissa
Office nerd humiliated under stinky socks and feet
Office nerd humiliated under stinky socks and feet

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My colleague Lady Nora and I met up before work to go for a run ... getting our feet really sweaty before we go into the office. When we arrive at the office, still in our jogging outfits, our colleague is already at his desk - this nerd is always first in the office, long before everyone else to make a good impression with the boss ... and now we'll have fun with this brownnoser! We drag him over to the couch, take off our jogging shoes and press them onto his nose ... followed by our extremely stinky socks! We enjoy humiliating this nerd under our feet and even make him suck our sweaty toes and lick the stinky insoles of our running shoes ... and in the end, before we take off to shower, we stuff our 4 sweat-soaked socks into his mouth - then he can get back to work with the taste of our sweaty feet in his mouth!