Madame Marissa
Loser colleague suffers under 4 sweaty nylon feet
Loser colleague suffers under 4 sweaty nylon feet

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Nora and I are working in the office, when our stupid colleague comes in and asks us to check his presentation, he prepared for a client ... and since we already know that he's a complete loser, we can use for our amusement, I immediately grab him by the hair and pull his nose into Nora's sweaty nylon feet. We offer him a deal - we'll help him with his presentation, but only if he smells and kisses our sweaty stinky nylon feet! He knows he needs our help and therefore lies down under my desk - so we can rest all 4 of our feet on his face. After a while, we move over to the couch and make him kneel in front of us - now we can also stuff our feet into his mouth and give him a taste of our office nylons too. After he has smelled our feet some more, we order him to buy some new nylons for us ... we'll see if we will help him afterwards :-D