Madame Marissa
4 muddy boots cleaned on the face in the floor
4 muddy boots cleaned on the face in the floor

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My friend Lady Nadja joins me once again - and after a walk with this rainy weather, our boots are really dirty. There's of course a handy solution for this problem - we locked the slave in the facetrampling box and we'll now clean our muddy boots on his face and also make him lick the dirt from our boot soles. Unfortunately, a face is a little small for 4 boots - so his chest is used as a doormat as well in between! Soon his whole face, chest and tongue are covered in mud - but our deep-treaded boots are still really dirty. We continuously wipe our boot soles over his tongue, but this little bitch just can't stop whining - if he prefers us to trample off the dirt on his face and chest?! Either way, we're not in a rush and we won't leave him alone until all 4 boots are spotlessly clean again!