Madame Marissa
Arrogant client turned into foot sniffing loser
Arrogant client turned into foot sniffing loser

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You really seem to be a little distracted - I thought you came here to discuss the project with our company - don't you think a woman is capable of handling this project? Or are you distracted by my feet and shoes? Yes, I noticed your weak spot ... and I've no problem to use this weakness to my advantage. I bet you'd love to be closer to my feet right now, wouldn't you? Come on, get on the floor and crawl to my feet - stick your nose into my moist nylon feet and inhale deeply. I think we'll negotiate the terms of this project again ... but before we do that, keep your nose on my foot! I really can't stand men like you ... on the one hand they're disrespectful against woman, and on the other hand they're so weak when they come across a strong dominant woman. Come on, kiss my feet as well - I know you want it! But that's the whole point of negotiations - exploring your opponent's weaknesses and using them to get the best deal. And if that means I've to turn you into a foot sniffing loser - I'm all for it! Let me quickly take a few photos of you under my feet ... just to make sure you'll agree to the new conditions!