Madame Marissa
Office colleague under 4 nylon feet
Office colleague under 4 nylon feet

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My colleague and I come back into the office and our nerdy colleague is still repairing my office chair ... as if he took longer on purpose to get another close-up of our heels and feet! We had our suspicions that he might be a little foot fetishist - and today we're going to test it out! We pin him under the desk, Nora just sits on the desk and I sit down in the new repaired office chair - and then we both kick off our shoes, rub our sweaty nylon feet through his face and make him sniff them! In the beginning he's a little hesitant, but he can't go against his nature and after only a few minutes he's completely submitted to our feet. But of course, we need and advantage of this as well - and after threatening to tell everyone in the office about his little fetish, he agrees to fulfill our wishes as well :-D