Madame Marissa
Your old teddies used, mistreated and crushed
Your old teddies used, mistreated and crushed

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For a long time one of your old beloved teddies was used as a doormat - lying right next to my door and used to clean all of my shoes - and my guests' shoes - when entering the flat. It was trampled carelessly under high heels, dirty boots, jogging shoes and many more pairs - by now it's almost impossible to tell it was once a teddy! I'm sure it hurts you to see this teddy getting treated like this after you've cared for it for over 50 years, but its fate is sealed! And I've another one of your old teddies as well - it should have been thrown away long ago as well, but I'll give it a last purpose in life. I throw it onto the kitchen floor and start doing the dishes - while trampling the teddy under my high heel boots, before using it to swipe up some dirty water on the kitchen floor. I don't care if it gets dirty - it will be my new doormat after this day anyway. I walk to the front door and replace the very old dirty teddy - with the second one. I go back to the kitchen and throw the dirty one into the trash bin where it belongs and push it down with my boot. It will be covered in some more kitchen garbage and then stay there. After cleaning another muddy pair of boots on the second teddy, I decide to crush this one completely. I put on a pair of over-knee boots with very thin heels and completely obliterate it on the kitchen floor. The remains will go into the trash bin as well and then I'll take out the trash bag - with both teddies and a lot of garbage ... only a few more days and even dirty crushed remains of your teddies will be taken away by the garbage truck and then they'll be burned in the garbage incineration plant! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!