Madame Marissa
Slave eats disgusting crushed cake and dirt
Slave eats disgusting crushed cake and dirt

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I'm enjoying a delicious piece of cake and a coffee - but I miss some entertainment! I order the slave to come over and get on his knees in front of me. I bet he wants some cake as well, but obviously he isn't going to eat it like a human being. I drop a few pieces of cake on the ground and crush them under my dirty boot soles until there's only a disgusting dirty and sticky mess left on the floor and my boot soles. And then the slave is allowed to eat his piece of cake ... from the dirty boot soles! He's struggling to get all of the dirt and sticky cake out of the boots' deep tread and he also struggles to swallow this gross mess, but of course he tries his best to satisfy his mistress! In the meantime, I enjoy my part of the cake and humiliate this loser! And in the end he'll clean the floor with his tongue as well - obviously!