Madame Marissa
Unaware giantess crushes you in the office, tiny slave!
Unaware giantess crushes you in the office, tiny slave!

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I'm sitting at the kitchen counter and I'm totally unaware of you - tiny slave - who once again escaped his prison and is peeping on my sexy feet! I'm already dressed up to go out with a friend - I just need to finish a little bit of work before heading out. While I'm on the phone you crawl back to my desk and climb up my office chair - and of course I don't notice you, tiny man, when I come back - and sit down right on top of you! When I get up shortly to grab something from my desk, you manage to get away and climb back down from the chair - to crawl at my feet again. Aren't you afraid of these sexy shoes? I could crush you so easily under the soles or pierce through your body with the sharp heels! But it's time to head out anyway, so I'll quickly grab my boots and put them on. Of course, you can't keep your eyes off those either, can you?! And then it finally happens - I step on you and flatten parts of your body under the chunky heel of my boot - and you get stuck to it! I go to the bathroom and give my make up a final check, while carrying your half-crushed body on my boot heel - and then leave the flat to meet my friend. What will happen to you, tiny guy?! Will you get crushed completely? Will you fall off my boot somewhere? Too bad I still didn't notice you and I've no idea that I'm completely destroying your tiny body with every step!