Madame Marissa
I make him eat chewing gums from my dirty soles
I make him eat chewing gums from my dirty soles

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Humiliating the slave by making him lick my dirty shoe soles won't be enough today. I drag him back to the car and spit my chewing gum into the dirt. I grind the gum into the dirt with my sneakers, then sit down on the driver's seat and order the slave to eat the chewing gum from my dirty soles - and then clean the soles as well of course. While he licks my dirty shoes I chew another gum and spit it on the ground as well - and of course step on it as well with my other shoe. Then I order the slave to lie down in the car while I crush a 3rd gum outside, get into the car and make him eat it as well. Finally he gets a 4th gum straight from my mouth - after eating 3 dirty chewing gums from my sneakers :-D