Madame Marissa
Boot slave humiliated and spat on
Boot slave humiliated and spat on

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I’m wearing my sexy LeSilla ankle boots and order the slave to kiss the tops of the shoes – and then order him to lick the filthy boot soles clean! There’re all kinds of dirt stuck to the soles, and I love how his tongue instantly turns black when I wipe my boot sole over it! I spit into his mouth and into his face a couple times while he licks my boots, then order him to lie down on the floor – so I can stuff a stinky old pantyhose into his mouth and then continue spitting down onto him. I want him to suck all the foot sweat and spit out of these stinky nylons. Then he has to get up again to suck my boot heels – before I wrap the pantyhose around his head and wipe the spit-covered floor with his face!