Madame Marissa
I'll prepare a disgusting meal for you, slave!
I'll prepare a disgusting meal for you, slave!

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Look at my sexy new boots - don't they look great? Too bad that the soles are already a little dirty - but maybe that will be useful as well :-D I start the preparation of your meal by spitting on it a couple times, then light my cigarette and start using your bread as my ashtray. After finishing my cigarette and putting it out on your bread, I spit on your meal a couple more times, then empty out the ashtray on it! Then I throw your bread on the ground and step on it with my dirty boots - the wet bread will get all the dirt out of the deep tread of the boot soles - and you'll then eat your meal straight from my boot soles - all the dirt, spit, cigarette butts, ash and crushed bread - a real delicacy for a loser like you, isn't it?!