Madame Marissa
Disgusting sock tea for the ashtray and foot slave!
Disgusting sock tea for the ashtray and foot slave!

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While I'll reply to some messages on my phone, you'll take care of the soles of my high heels - and also serve me as an ashtray. In between, I spit into your mouth a couple of times and then make you smell my sweaty nylons as well. You think that's all disgusting, loser? And you really think, I'd care?! No, Loser, after I've put out my cigarette on your tongue, you'll get to experience something way more disgusting! Look what I brought for you ... a pair disgustingly dirty socks, a glass and the water kettle ... what's that going to be for?! Yes, you'll get a nice sock tea, loser! The hot water will extract all the dirt and foot sweat from the socks - and after brewing for a couple of minutes, you'll drink up your sock tea - to the very last drop!