Madame Marissa
Extra lesson turns into crush and boot licking session
Extra lesson turns into crush and boot licking session

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Finally you arrive for your Spanish lesson with me - and right from the start you can't take your eyes off my sexy boots, you little sugar-addicted loser! Come on, follow me and listen to the exercises. You can start while I make myself a coffee. While I take a look at your progress, I accidently crush a sugar cube that fell to the floor ... and you can concentrate on your work even less, am I right?! I even bought a can of cola for you ... sugar free of course :-D And I crush the empty can under my boot, so it takes up less space in the trash. And we'll now have a little talk, follow me to the couch. Do you really think I didn't notice how you're always staring at me? And especially at my boots? And I surely noticed your reaction when I crush stuff under my boots - just like this sugar cube! I'll tell you something - I also like it, to crush stuff under my feet! Do you have sweets in your pockets as usual? Come on, give them to me and then get on the floor. I'll crush some of your sweets under my boots and you'll be allowed to watch it close up! And when I'm done with them, you'll lick the remains from my boot soles! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!