Madame Marissa
Destroying all of your toys under my tire
Destroying all of your toys under my tire

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Come over here! Didn't I tell you many times, that you shouldn't leave your toys lying around? Now I took them, and I'll have fun with them! I want you to get on your knees next to my tires and watch closely what's going to happen with your beloved stupid toys! Take a close look at each of your toys getting completely flattened and obliterated under my tires - I just love the sound of that! With the weight of my car, it's completely irrelevant if they're made of plastic or metal - they won't be able to withstand the pressure and all of them are going to be destroyed - and for me it's just easy. I just need the tip of my foot on the clutch and a finger on the steering wheel to destroy your toys ... first flattening them by driving straight over them, then completely taking them apart by grinding the tire on it! In between, I also get out of the car and walk over your toys - and their remains - with my sexy high heels, but then I'll get back into the car and finish whatever is left. And of course, you'll pick up and collect all the trash when I'm done!