Madame Marissa
Your valuables under my heels and tires
Your valuables under my heels and tires

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Look what I found here ... 2 of your watches and a gold-plated 500€ bank note ... I don't think you deserve to possess such valuables and I also enjoy watching you suffer as the value is destroyed forever! I start off with my sexy high heels ... first, I'll just walk over your possessions, then I get rougher and rougher, stomp onto them and start to really dismantle them. But your watches seem to be pretty sturdy - so I'll take them out into the parking lot and finish them off with my car. Between the heavy weight on my car and the roughly asphalt they don't stand a chance anymore ... and when I turn my tire while standing on them, they're literally getting ground into the floor! Let that be a lesson for you - you don't deserve to possess anything valuable!