Madame Marissa
Your precious inflatables under my boots and high heels
Your precious inflatables under my boots and high heels

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Are you scared to see your inflatables around me? Are you scared what my boots or my cigarette could do to them?! Let's find out if I can walk on them with my Buffalo boots without destroying them :-D Oh, too bad, the first ones are already crushed ... do you think you could patch the big holes my chunky boot heels leave in your inflatables? I think I'll also burn a few holes into them with my cigarette and my lighter! But to crush your other inflatables, I'll quickly put on another pair of shoes ... with thin heels it much easier to destroy them! One after another is crushed under my cruel feet - I don't care about the air mattresses, the chair, the bananas or even the big unicorn ... they're all getting crushed and I make sure to rip them open wide with the heels - to make sure they're ready for the trash and can't be repaired!