Madame Marissa
Your new life in chastity
Your new life in chastity

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Did you carefully considered if you want to live chaste for me from now on? Once we've put on this little metal cage, I alone will decide how long you'll stay locked up - and when you'll get to enjoy some freedom. As a little warmup we'll start with one week of chastity. And of course, you'll pay me to take good care of this little key in the meantime ... you don't want me to accidently loose it, do you? And after this week, you'll pay again to get freed. You're not ready yet to be locked up? Well, I'll give you a choice - either you let me lock your dick up and pay me - or I'll give you 50 kicks into your balls! And to make this choice a little easier, I'll give you one kick now - come on, down on your knees and spread your legs wide!