Madame Marissa
Your monthly tribute under my high heels
Your monthly tribute under my high heels

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Very well, you already put your monthly tribute to my feet. Now you’ll also pay my feet the proper respect - get over here and kiss my sexy high heels! Apparently, you didn’t pay complete attention to my order - I see not only green bank notes under my shoe soles - although I specifically told you that I don’t want to get your pocket money. Look at me! I know, you’re nervous that the thin heels of my shoes might destroy some of the bank notes and you’ll need to replace them - but you’ll ignore that and show me how thankful you are by kissing my shoes. Maybe I should raise the monthly tribute to more than 2500 Euro for the honor, that you’re allowed to see me every month? I know you had to work hard for this money, and you only have little left for yourself - but that doesn’t sound like my problem, or does it? Next time, you’ll bring an extra 300 Euro as a punishment for the 300 Euro you brought in small notes. Then you’ll also be allowed to worship my nylon feet before the money - my money - disappears into my high heels as an insole as I put them back on and allow you a last look at the money and my sexy feet!