Madame Marissa
Your money used as a doormat and crushed
Your money used as a doormat and crushed

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Look at my boots - completely covered in dirt after a little walk ... but today you won't need to lick them clean ... today I'll make you suffer in another way! Do you have an idea why I took your wallet before the walk? Yes, I'll use your hard-earned money to clean my boots now - take a close look! First, I'll take some of the hundred euro notes to clean the leather, before I just throw them on the ground ... but the deep tread of my boot soles is still completely dirty ... so I just throw all of the money from your wallet onto the asphalt and then clean my boots on it - just like on a doormat. How much of your money is there on the ground right now? 1000 Euro? A little more? I guess you know it won't end well for your money to be ground between these rough boots and the hard asphalt ... but you'll watch it closely and you'll also grab all the bills that the wind blows away and put them back under my boots! And once your money served me as a doormat, you'll lick the remaining dirt from my shoe soles! But don't get your hopes up, that you'll be able to collect any of your money that might have survived my boots ... before I leave you here, I'll let my tire take care of the rest!