Madame Marissa
Your laptop is crushed under my hot ass
Your laptop is crushed under my hot ass

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Really brave of you ... not only letting your laptop sit on the table, but also keeping it unlocked ... let's see what you've on it! It seems like you're into sexy asses ... especially in jeans ... well, I got a great idea for you! Sit down over there and take a close look ... your laptop is not on the table anymore, but on a bench on 2 big stones. The only ass that you should care about is mine! And therefore you'll now watch my sexy ass making quick work of your laptop! Oh, it's cracking when I sit down on it slowly - music to my ears! And how it bends when I bounce a little bit ... does it hurt you to see your laptop being crushed under my ass? Or are you so ass fixated that you don't even care?! Either way ... when I'm done with your laptop, you won't be able to watch asses on it anymore and it will be ready for the trashcan!