Madame Marissa
Your heel-mark-covered face presented to the public
Your heel-mark-covered face presented to the public

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So, are you ready to go out with us tonight? Yes, you heard right, you'll be allowed to join us ... but of course, you need to be properly prepared! Before we take you with us, we'll trample all over your face with our high heels and cover it with heel marks ... so everyone will know exactly what you are! Yes, I know ... it's an inhumane amount of pain ... but that's what you need, don't you?! And for us, we get double the enjoyment ... not only by tormenting your face under our shoe soles, but also by amusing ourselves as we present you to the public! We'll put you on a leash and walk through the busy streets with you ... all the party people will see you ... the sexy girls and the real men that they're partying with. What do you think they'll think of a human carpet like you? Will they mock you? Will they laugh at your heel-mark covered face? Will they also want to trample your face? We'll see what the evening brings!