Madame Marissa
Your face used as a doormat for my dirty boots
Your face used as a doormat for my dirty boots

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It's getting autumn quickly - and with all the rain lately, my boots got terribly dirty - great to have you - or more precisely your face - as my personal doormat! Does it hurt when I rub the rough soles of my boots over your skin? Maybe I should stomp the dirt out instead?! :-D I really don't care about your well-being - I just want to trample your face and get my boots cleaned - and you better be grateful for this job and the spectacular views that come with it! Having your face crushed and skin bruised is only a small price to pay. And you need to be in training - next week, some girlfriends come over and we go for a hike - and guess what we'll all clean our boots on when we return?!