Madame Marissa
Your face is nothing but a doormat for us!
Your face is nothing but a doormat for us!

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Are you ready, doormat? Ready to serve Lady Nora and me? We're both wearing boots with mean deep treads - and they're surely going to leave a lot of nice marks all over your face, loser. What hurts more? When we just walk over your face? When we wipe our boots over your face and tongue? Or when we stomp down onto your face? Yes, I know that hurts - but why should we care? Has anyone ever felt pity for a doormat? No ... so why should we? You're nothing more for us - and we really don't care about the damage we do to your face ... you know what one does with a destroyed doormat, right? Yes, it's thrown away and replaced with a new one! So, endure the pain and try to please your mistresses!