Madame Marissa
Your birthday cakes get crushed
Your birthday cakes get crushed

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Oh, little loser, did you really think there would be enough people visiting you on your birthday to eat 3 whole cakes?! You don't even have some proper champagne glasses - I should punish you for that alone! But it will be a true pleasure for me to destroy all of your birthday cakes. Should I just sit down on this one?! No, the first one will be under my high heels - mercilessly it will be squished under the soles and all the street dirt will mix into it. For the second cake, I'll take off my shoes and rub my slightly sweaty feet through it - before I flatten it completely under my foot soles! The last one of your cakes will be crushed under my hot jeans ass - my full weight will easily flatten it completely. Tell me slave, do you dream about tasting one of these cakes now?!