Madame Marissa
Your beloved inflatables crushed under my high heels
Your beloved inflatables crushed under my high heels

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Again so many of your beloved inflatables found their way into my living room ... the inflatable animals, the giant unicorn island, rare air mattresses and a bunch of little balls and swim rings ... all completely at my mercy ... or my heels' mercy! And you know my high heels are merciless ... and not a single one of your inflatables will survive the next minutes. The sharp thin heels of my shoes dig into each air chamber and destroys them. Sometimes they leave a small hole ... maybe you can even patch it ... other times, they just rip the inflatable wide open and destroy the inflatable beyond repair. I know this sight almost gives you a heart attack, doesn't it?! But at the same time, you love it, don't you?!