Madame Marissa
You want to lick feet? You only get dirty feet!
You want to lick feet? You only get dirty feet!

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I know you're into feet - nice beautiful female feet - and you love to adore them, to kiss them, lick them - but you don't get what you want - at least not without a twist :-D You'll be allowed to lick my feet ... but they're really dirty! And you'll lick all of the dirt from my foot soles until they're completely clean again! It wouldn't be fun for me if you wouldn't get some humiliation. So, go ahead - lick my dirty feet! I know it will be a struggle for you - the craving for feet on one hand - and not knowing what kind of dirt is under my foot soles on the other hand ... but you'll lick them anyway! And don't miss a single spot! And put some effort into it - feet are probably the only thing you're getting to lick on a girl's body!