Madame Marissa
You think you can endure hard trampling, slave?!
You think you can endure hard trampling, slave?!

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So, you think you're a tough slave? You can endure really hard trampling? You really should think twice before saying something like this - because now, I'm going to put it to a test! I'm wearing sexy high heels - with very thin heels - for this trampling session ... and we'll see how much you and your face can endure. I'll start off by just walking back and forth over you - and you're already screaming in pain as the thin heels dig deep into your skin ... maybe you're not as tough as you thought?! Well, but I'm far from being done with you, I'll continue to walk over your face, stand on it, trample it - and I'm going to make sure, when I'm done with you, you'll understand that you're not even close to being tough!
Tags: Trampling