Madame Marissa
You're just a seat pad, little cuckold!
You're just a seat pad, little cuckold!

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Do you like my sexy jeans ass, loser? Of course, you do. Really a shame that you never really get a shot with good looking women, isn't it? A loser like you will at most be used as a seat pad for such a sexy ass. You should feel honored to suffer under it, to be smothered by it and to have the hard jeans seams imprinted into your face. No matter how much you whine and struggle - you'll only be a human furniture for me and serve me for my entertainment. I hope you've accepted your pathetic existence by now and the face that you could never have a woman like me. And when I'm done with you, you'll crawl to the apartment door, stay on your knees and greet my boyfriend appropriately when he comes over!
Tags: Facesitting