Madame Marissa
You'll suffer under our asses!
You'll suffer under our asses!

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So, you think you're a tough slave? You really think you can serve 2 ladies at the same time?! We'll see about that! Lady Nora and I are going to use your face as a seat pad now and then we'll see if you're as tough as you think. In the beginning we'll start by taking turns sitting on your face, but that's too easy, isn't it?! Next, Nora takes a seat on your face and I simply sit down on her lap, doubling the weight pressing down on your face. Now you're not only smothered, but our combined weight is flattening your nose and hurting your jaw ... do you still think you're tough? When we're done with you, you'll realize the truth ... that you're nothing, but a pathetic living seat, completely at the mercy of your dominant mistresses!