Madame Marissa
You'll smell our socks and suck them clean!
You'll smell our socks and suck them clean!

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Come over here and get into position, loser! We've prepared something for you ... we've been wearing these gym socks for a few days already and just finished another hard workout. And you know what that means, don't you? Yes, we'll now take off our gym sneakers and press our stinky socks onto your nose. You'll inhale the intense foot smell from our socks and really take it in! Do you like the smell, loser? No? Well, we don't care! And you'll not only smell our socks today ... after so many days of wearing them, they also got pretty dirty and therefore your mouth will also serve as a sock washing machine! While you still have the sock stench in your nose, we'll stuff our sweat-soaked socks into your mouth and you'll suck out all the dirt and foot sweat. As disgustingly dirty and stinky as they are, this will probably take you hours!