Madame Marissa
You'll see stars under my ass!
You'll see stars under my ass!

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Today I'll make you see stars - and I don't mean the stars on my shirt! I'll sit down on your face and I'll stay there, smothering you mercilessly, until you start seeing stars. But don't worry, I'll get up ... just before your lights go out :-D It must be painful to have my sexy jeans ass crushing your face and it must be terrifying to be uncertain if I'll stand up in time ... it's really hard to judge when I can't see your eyes after all :-D Should I make it even more harder for you, slave?! Maybe move my sexy ass a little bit and grind your face under the hard jeans fabric? Or maybe I should just drop down onto your face instead of slowly sitting down?! :-D Either way, you'll really suffer under my butt today!
Tags: Facesitting