Madame Marissa
You'll live in my jogging shoes, tiny slave!
You'll live in my jogging shoes, tiny slave!

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I'm about to go for a run - only my running shoes are missing. When I find them next to the couch, I put on the first one - then grab the second one and notice there's something inside of it when sliding my foot into. What's that? What are you doing in my running shoe, little guy?! Do you like it in there? Then you'll stay in there - while I'm wearing them! Let's see if your tiny body can endure that! Let's go! I enjoy knowing, that each of my steps will crush your tiny body more and more under my sweaty foot! After a while, I stop at a bench to check on you - you're really flattened and squished badly - but we're still not done, back in goes my big foot and the run continues! Back home, I take off my shoes and get you out of the smelly shoe ... and while making you sniff my stinky socks and shoes some more, I decide to keep you as my permanent jogging slave - as long as your tiny body can survive it! Until tomorrow morning, when my next run is due, you'll stay in my shoe - and I stuff my sweat-soaked socks into them as well - you won't get out of this sweaty cage! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you, send me an email to!