Madame Marissa
You'll get a close up of my office heels!
You'll get a close up of my office heels!

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I bet you did expect another way of spending the lunch break with me, didn't you?! I noticed you've been staring at my office heels all week long - and now you'll get a close up look at them - while they're walking all over you! These heels will leave some nice imprints in your face - and then everyone in the office will be able to see that you've been trampled in the lunch break. But such a close up look at my sexy shoes is worth the pain and humiliation isn't it?! At least for me it's a lot of fun! And to make sure you remember our lunch break - I'll go a little harder on your poor face - some stomps and walking in place with my full weight should really leave some bad marks on your face! Have fun explaining these to our colleagues, perv!
Tags: Trampling