Madame Marissa
You'll become my new pet, tiny guy!
You'll become my new pet, tiny guy!

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I'm cleaning my living room while you're crawling around on the floor - without my knowing. It's dangerous for a tiny guy like you, especially when I don't know you're there, but you just can't resist the urge to check out the big sneakers lying on the floor and you even try to get a good view of the dirty soles of my socks! While sweeping the floor, I finally notice you as I sweep you onto the dustpan - lucky that I noticed you, otherwise you would have been buried in the trash can! What are you and what should I do with you?! Maybe I should keep you around to clean the dirt off my shoe soles? With your little hands you might be able to get into the tread and get the dirt out of there ... I'll think about that while I vacuum the floor ... just watch out that you don't get vacuumed up! When I allow you to stay, you need a place to stay ... I can't let you walk around all days unsupervised! But I have an idea ... I've an old cage for a little pet somewhere in my storage room somewhere ... this would be the perfect new home for you, little guy!
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