Madame Marissa
You'll be trampled under my favorite heels!
You'll be trampled under my favorite heels!

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Do you like these shoes, slave? Nice high heels for sure - one of my favorite pairs! But they can be pretty dangerous for a human floor like yourself ... when my full weight drives the sharp thin heels into your face, they'll hurt you a lot and leave behind deep marks in your skin that will be visible for a long time. Do you think you'll be able to love these heels as much as I love them? You don't mind if I step on your face a little harder, do you?! Oh, I just love how you scream in pain and I love to see the fear in your eyes! And I'd suggest you don't move too much ... you don't want me to slip and a heel piercing your eye, do you?! When I'm done with you, your whole face will be covered in heel marks and everyone will be able to tell that you've been used as a doormat by your mistress! Maybe I should just finish you off with a jump onto your face?!
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