Madame Marissa
You'll be my human bar stool
You'll be my human bar stool

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I'll now call a friend - and you ... you'll be my bar stool! I want to sit comfortably on your face while I'm on the phone! Get on your knees, put your head back and make sure to stay steady, so you're not disturbing my phone call! I'm sure it's hard to handle my full weight - not only flattening your face under my jeans ass, but also putting a lot of strain on your neck - but you'll endure that for your mistress, won't you?! And of course, you also won't be able to breathe while I'm sitting ... but don't worry ... I'll let you breathe in between ... once every minute or so :-D And who knows ... maybe my friend will come over later ... then we can take turns using your face as our seat pad!
Tags: Facesitting