Madame Marissa
You live in my trashcan!
You live in my trashcan!

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Lady Nora visits me - and of course, I tell her about you - my garbage eating slave that lives in the trash can! And since I didn't take out the trash for a while, she can help me carry it out! It's so hilarious to see you in this trash can - covered in trash and dirt. The first load you get, is a whole bunch of organic waste from my kitchen ... vegetable scraps, rotten bread, used coffee pads ... followed by some plastic trash! But that was probably the best you get today! Next, I dump the content of my vacuum cleaner into the trash and Nora dumps out another trash can - with all kinds of disgusting trash onto you ... ashes and cigarette butts, paper towels, old tuna cans ... disgusting stuff! And to make sure it's not too dry, we add some of our spit to it. Nora stayed overnight and, in the morning, we dump some more trash onto you. But don't worry slave ... your suffering will end tomorrow ... it's trash collection day and I'll put the garbage can out ... so you will go into the trash compactor with all the garbage!