Madame Marissa
You eat my garbage - and pay for it!
You eat my garbage - and pay for it!

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How is my little trash slave? You look hungry again as I open the garbage can and look down to you ... don't worry - I brought some kitchen garbage to feed you! And not only you live in my tight, dark, cold and stinky garbage can - you also pay me for this privilege! No matter what I dump into the trash can - rotten food, ash from my ashtray, trash from my bathroom - you'll eat it all of it! Do you get excited already when you hear steps outside the trash can? Knowing you'll see me for a few seconds while I dump new trash for you to eat into your home? It's really pathetic - but you know the saying "You are what you eat", right? Well, in your case it's "You eat what you are"! And I really can't decide ... do I want to keep you? Or should I just put the trash can outside the next time the garbage is collected? Wouldn't that be a fitting end to your existence? Getting dumped into the garbage truck and then being crushed in it? We'll see!