Madame Marissa
What’s worse? Boots vs high heels?
What’s worse? Boots vs high heels?

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Let’s see who can make the loser suffer more - Lady Nora, wearing a pair of sexy heels with relatively soft soles and thin sharp heels, or me - wearing a pair of boots with chunky heels but a mean tread on the boot sole! At first, we take turns trampling his hands, checking who can make him scream in pain harder and comparing the marks we leave behind on his skin - but then we decide to make it even tougher for him and both trample his hands at the same time! Now this loser is really in trouble - and in some serious pain! We get more and more mean over time - standing on single fingers with our full weight or putting our heels on his finger tips. Once Nora even put her heels into his hands while I stood on his fingers with my full weight!