Madame Marissa
We're trampling you before the party!
We're trampling you before the party!

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So, do you like this view? We'll go to a party later - and before that, we want to break in our high heels a little! And what would be better for this, than using your face as our floor? We love to hurt you, to hear your screams of pain and see your bruised heel-mark covered face! And this way, you'll also have some long lasting memories of this evening - the marks our thin heels left on your face will not only be visible for a long time, but they'll also hurt you for a long time. And while you'll sit at home, crying in pain, we'll enjoy the party all night long and not waste another thought on you! It's really your bad luck that you were not born as a real man that's allowed to accompany us to the party, but only as a loser that's now used as a doormat for women's amusement.