Madame Marissa
We love to kick him around!
We love to kick him around!

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This slave loves our riding boots so much - although they always mean pain for him! Lady Nora and I will now have some fun with him - and to have fun, we'll kick around his already bruised body! With that many bruises he's really afraid of our kicks now and he even twitches before we hit him :-D And with us, he never knows what's coming! We take turns kicking him, sometimes from the front, sometimes from the side, sometimes multiple times in a row and sometimes with our knees instead of our boots - and each kick hurts him terribly and adds to his bruises! We really don't care if he tries to protect his chest with his arms or turns his body a little - through the hard soles of our boots we don't feel a difference anyway and it only hurts him even more! And when he goes down because of the pain, we'll just trample him for a little while until he has to get up again.