Madame Marissa
We'll use you for our entertainment, loser!
We'll use you for our entertainment, loser!

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So, once again you didn't manage to earn enough money for your mistresses? Well, then we'll punish you in another humiliating way - this way, you'll at least be entertaining for us! Get on your knees in front of us - and first, you'll get to eat this chewed dull chewing gum, followed by some spit from both us! I'll smoke a cigarette and also use your mouth as my ashtray and spit some cigarette-flavored spit into your mouth as well! Obviously, Lady Nora also continues to spit into your mouth over and over again - and you'll swallow the disgusting mix of ash, spit and gum! And when we're done with you, you'll kiss our shoe soles once and then return back to work immediately - maybe then you'll be able to bring a more appropriate sum next time!