Madame Marissa
Watch out or you'll be crushed, tiny guy!
Watch out or you'll be crushed, tiny guy!

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Hey tiny, there you are! After the little party yesterday, I urgently need to clean up my living room. Do you want to stay here? Then you've to watch out - because when I run around the room, I won't be able to watch out for you! Look at the tread of my converse sneakers ... if I'd step on you with these by accident, that wouldn't be good for your tiny body! You manage to keep a safe distance for a couple of minutes, but then your curiosity takes over and you get a little too close to my - until the inevitable happens, I step on you and your half-crushed body is stuck to my shoe sole! I don't notice you right away - you're so tiny that I didn't even feel any resistance stepping on you - and so you're carried around stuck to my shoe and your tiny body is crushed a little more with every step. Finally, I notice you - but I think you're too far gone ... I think I can just scrape your remains off my shoe soles and throw you into the trash ... it's your own fault, tiny man - I warned you about the danger!
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