Madame Marissa
Warning: Biohazard - Extreme Socksniffing
Warning: Biohazard - Extreme Socksniffing

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I've got a disgusting surprise for the slave today - but first he gets to smell the grey socks I'm currently wearing. He's already moaning - obviously they're pretty smelly :-D But I've way worse planned for him! I grab a laundry bag - completely filled with worn socks and stockings, grab a whole bunch of them and stuff them on his nose - but he tries to breathe through his mouth to escape the smell - time to get some tape to seal his mouth! I take off the camera girl's socks as well, stuff them into the laundry bag and them put it over the slaves head and tighten it. Basically his face now has a big load of stinky socks attached to it - and with his mouth taped he can't escape the smell! I push him down on the beanbag chair and sit down on the back of his head to push his nose even deeper into the smelly socks. In the end he has to stand up and I guide him to the kitchen - he still has dishes to do - and he'll do them while sniffing the socks!